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Drawing on the deep and broad experience of our professionals, we are active across the full range of advisory roles, including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, minority investments, divestitures, distressed sales and financing from strategic and financial investors.

Sales Processes: We have ample experience in designing and conducting sales processes for companies and assets. We like to have a hands-on role in the process, advising on the definition of the sale strategy, execution of the process and negotiations with prospective buyers, providing impartial advise on the assessment of the bids and evaluating courses of action.

Acquisitions: We assist our clients with the identification and evaluation of acquisition opportunities with a log-term perspective and seeking to enhance returns. From the initial approach to the closing of a transaction, we seek to add value in all stages of the process, including structuring, valuation, due diligence, negotiations and closing.

Mergers: We advise our clients on merger transactions, analyzing the drivers of value creation and synergies. We assist our clients on the negotiation of the terms of the merger, including exchange ratios, shareholders agreements, management and operating agreements, etc.

Joint Ventures: We advise pour clients on the evaluation, structuring and negotiation of joint ventures, as well as the complex process of dissolution of Joint Ventures when they no longer satisfy the objectives and needs of its partners.

Incorporation of Strategic Partners: We advise our clients on the assessment of the merits of associations, including the search and incorporation of strategic partners.

Privatizations and Concessions: We work for Governments and state-owned companies in the incorporation of private capital through strategic partners, financial partners or capital markets.

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